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Perch and crappie all day
Use Coleman rig with 2 perch minnows on each line and troll at about a mile an hour and fish 8-10 ft deep now that it's summer. In the spring you will want to be 4-6 ft trolling. Get as many rigs out as you legally can so it looks like a slow moving school of perch minnows. We also have stayed in on spot with drop bobbers off the side of the boat and we had a mason jar 2 ft from the bottom with a few perch minnows in it. This will get crappie in an aggressive attach mode. We have hit a few lake trout this way as well. The yellow perch come with the crappie. Will hit on worms too with the perch.
2014-08-15 | billducham9090

Fishing Center Lake

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