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Known as Canada’s prairie country, Manitoba has dozens of incredible lakes and rivers to go angling. The province’s fish management system under the Provincial Fisheries Act is one of the best in the world where fish species are protected and fishing rules are strictly enforced. The splendor of the sport is enhanced by the majestic surroundings, clear skies, and well-maintained wilderness. It has become part of every angler’s kit to include the tape measure and camera because trophy fish is in ready abundance while the laws demand that every catch is measured and returned to the water if need be or recorded while in transit.
Fishing can be enjoyed all year round since there are provisions in place for ice fishing during the cold months. A fishing license is required whether you are minnow trapping, angling, spear fishing, dip netting, bow fishing, or seining.
There are 3 types of fishing licenses: the Resident Seniors Conservation, Regular Resident, and Non-Resident. These licenses cannot be used for National Parks and anglers will be required to apply with the Parks Canada office at

Simple Rules for Fishing in Manitoba
No open alcohol is allowed on boats and fishing shelters
If you plan to use hooks or lures, they cannot be spring-loaded
A maximum of 2 hooks (or 2 lures) per line
Ice fishing shelters must conform to provincial park standards and must clearly be identified
The use of live bait fish is illegal except in select areas in the Southern Division
Fish returned to the water cannot be tagged or marked
The sale, trade or barter of fish by anglers is illegal

Manitoba hot spot fishing areas are the Southern Region, Western Region, Northern Region, Eastern Region, and South Lake in Winnipeg.

In the Southern Region, the species common to the waters are the Catfish, Bass, Pike, Trout, and Walleye. The best time to fish in this area is from June to October.

In the Western Region, the catch is usually the Trout, Pike, Arctic Grayling, Rainbows, Whitefish, and Walleye and the best time to go fishing here is from May up to September. The lakes are deep but clear and often found in secluded areas. Many of the rivers are fast-running and challenging.

In the Northern Region, you will enjoy catching the Northern Pike, Walleye, and Lake Trout. The season opens in June and ends in August. The Northern Region is famous as the best place in Manitoba for fly-in fishing and landing a 30 pound fish is not unusual.

The Eastern Region is known for waters with Sturgeon, Trout, Brook Trout, Pike, and Walleye/Pickerel. Extra large fish is common and season starts in June and ends in September. Some of the river systems to shortlist are Pigeon, Berens, Poplar, and Bloodvein on the east shore and Gods, Knife, and Hayes on the north side.

The Southern Lake in Winnipeg is perfect for ice fishing since the season starts in January and ends in March. The waters are usually teeming with double digit Walleye, Sauger, and Pike. They also hold annual derbies around February and March.

Manitoba is known for large catch and the record holder was a Northern Pike caught in 1992 measuring 59” in Max Lake. Three years ago another record-breaking catch was recorded from Laurie Lake for a Brown Trout measuring 30.88”. Every year, anglers target Manitoba as an ideal province for fishing because of the idyllic surroundings, pleasant residents, and the promise of another amazing fishing adventure.
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