Adding and Promoting your Fishing Guide or Charter on SportFish Junkies

SportFish Junkies is a growing community of anglers of all skill levels who love to fish and enjoy sharing their experiences on the water. A major feature of our site are the community built lake maps that members and visitors use to plan their next fishing outing. The lake page has listing of cottages, campgrounds, bait and tackle shops, and fishing guides and charters that service the lake. To add your fishing guide or charter service follow the steps below. It's absolutely free!

Adding Your Fishing Guide or Charter Service

  1. 1. Login or Register with SportFish Junkies
    1. If you are already a user of SportFish Junkies then log in using your username and password at

      To register go to Once you register, you'll receive an email to activate your account. If you do not see it in your inbox please check the junk and spam folders.
  1. 2. Add Service
    1. To add your Guide or Charter Service go to and fill in as much data as possible. If you are the owner or representative of the company, please make sure to check "I am the owner/representative of this company" so that you'll be able to write fishing reports and add catch photos on behalf of your service. After you save it, your submission will need to be moderated. Once we have reviewed and accepted your submission we'll notify you via email.
  1. 3. Your Page
    1. Once your addition is approved, you'll have a page that looks like the one below. Users will be able to review your guide service and find information on your page. The better your ranking the better your page will show up on the state pages, the lake pages and the search pages. These pages are public and will show up in google, yahoo, and bing as well.

Promoting Your Fishing Guide or Charter Service

  1. 1. Linking and Sharing Your Page
    1. Once your Guide or Charter service is approved, make sure to add a link to it from your website and share the page on social media so that your users know to review you. Use the images and links from our link to us page to encourage your clients review you. The most popular services appear on lake pages and appear higher in search results on SportFish Junkies. Popular services will also get the SportFish Junkies Guide of Choice badge to put on their website.
  1. 2. Write Fishing Reports
    1. Many of our users come to SportFish Junkies to read fishing reports. Owners and representatives are able to write fishing reports on behalf of their guide and charter service . The link will point to the charter and guide business page and will garner more exposure as the name and link will appear in more places. An example of what the link will look like is below.

      To add a report just find the lake or body of what you've fished recently and click the add report link. Then select the guide or charter service from the drop down list. You must be logged in to provide a report.
  1. 3. Add Catch Photos
    1. Another popular feature of SportFish Junkies are the catch photos that are submitted by our users. Fishing Guide and Charter owners and reps are able to submit photos on behalf of their services.

      To add a catch photo you'll need to navigate to the lake you caught the fish on and click add next to the catches section. Make sure to select your business from the on behalf of dropdown. You will need to be logged in to be able to add the photo.